Betty Beauty: color for the hair down there

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1. Where did you purchase your betty kit? Name:
Name: Name:

2. How did you find out about betty? Where?

Which? Where?

3. Which product did you use?
  Specialty color:

4. Do you color the hair on your head?

5. Why do you color the hair on your head (circle all that apply)?

6. Do you currently wax your betty?

7. You used the betty colors because: (you may check more than one)


8. The instructions were:

9. About how long did it take you to get your betty ready from start to finish?

10. How happy are you with the results?   Explain:
With the color?   Explain:

11. If you used it to cover gray, are you happy with the amount of gray coverage?

12. Did you feel any discomfort at any time?