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Q: What’s your most popular betty beauty color for the hair down there?

A: BROWN betty is most popular bottom to top, let the carpet match the drapes! Not just for women!

Q: Is betty beauty similar to Just For Men? I used Just for Men and it stings and looks so fake that it doesn’t match my head at all.

A: No! Our products will give you the most natural looking color! Betty beauty colors are the only safe hair color to use on facial and all body hair.

Q: Help! I'm only 42 and have the worst grey beard and chest hair, and starting to get gray pubic hair! I recently am divorced and need to look better. I don't want any new dates to see how gray I am!

A: Ah yes! Many men at any age might need some help. We have many male customers that use BROWN betty and BLACK betty to help match their head hair, and cover grey hair that makes men self-conscious! Good luck on the dating scene. No one will know your secret!

When we first launched the betty™ colors, we didn’t realize how many men would be interested in using it. Turns out that men love betty™ to ‘manscape’- dye their hair down there! Our male customers told us they had no product to use to cover gray, tried current mens‘ hair color products for ‘color manscaping’- but it left them severely irritated and burned.

Men everywhere are flocking to use betty’s specially formulated no-drip hair dyes made with natural ingredients and skin conditioners, keeping any betty™ (or bob!) safe!
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